Week 13: Upping The Weights

Well it has been 13 weeks since I started all this and I am happy to say the results are getting better. If you are going to do something like this being consistent is the key. This has happened with core work outs, DDP Yoga, strength and conditioning with kettle bells, and monitoring my calorie intake. All of these have seen my weight reduce (currently I have lost approx 5kg) but more importantly tone up and condition my body.

Whilst slimming down is great and it is nice to “shift a bit” it has been the toning and conditioning I have been focusing more on. My body has been put through a lot of core and resistence training and I am please to say the benefits are not only visible but can be felt by me also.

At this point the amount of weight I have been lifting has been increased as has the intensity of the core work outs I am putting myself through:

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