Week 9: More Weight / More Reps!

As Week 9 roles in I feel it is time to move up the weights a bit and add on the reps for those weights. I have come to that conclusion based on the fact that some of the lifts have become a lot easier and the struggles they once were are not in the past. Other reasons include being able to keep form for various lifts and swings as well as knocking out unbroken sets/reps.

The move ups will be gradual with activities that were on a 2kg kettlebell now being on a 4kg, and 6kg activities moving to 8kg etc but the increase in reps is my main focus with the aim being to increase hypertrophy (increasing muscle-building activity). With regard to reps, 8-12 is always advised for a set but in some case here I will be going 20-30 a set. The main reasons being I want to make the most of the lockdown time whilst I have it and also use the activity to tax my cardio as well as my muscles.

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